Look at the black dot on the screen, and continue looking at it. After a while, a picture will appear for a brief period (~150ms).
After the picture disappears, you report what you saw by selecting one of multiple options given to you. But if you saw nothing because you were distracted
or missed the picture because you closed your eyes right on time(really??), you can either reload the whole experiment or choose the option "none".

The test begins when you press the "start test" button. The black dot stays for just about 5 seconds, so you might have to look at it quickly.
Once again, it is important that you look precisely at the dot or else the experiment won't be valid. Having said that, I must assure you
that it is not a challenge or a trick. So Relax! We just want to know what you see.

So go ahead, and press the "start test" button below and tell us what you saw. Thanks!